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25 U.S. States



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This portfolio snapshot is as of June 30, 2017, adjusted for acquisitions, dispositions and commitments to purchase and sell through August 4, 2017. 1) Based on principal amount for real estate debt and securities investments, fair value for our private equity fund investments (PE Fund Investments) and cost for real estate equity investments, which includes purchase price allocations related to net intangibles, deferred costs and other assets. As of August 4, 2017, includes future funding commitments of $30.0 million for senior loans, $20.9 million for a mezzanine loan, $7.2 million for subordinate interests and deferred purchase price obligations of $23.9 million, net of discount, for PE Investment III. Includes three senior participation interests in senior loans totaling $28.3 million of principal, including future funding commitments of $4.6 million. 2) Does not include commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) or PE Fund Investments.*NorthStar Real Estate Income II, Inc. does not own all of the 106 properties.

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